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    I am Michael Londino, I have been a mathematics teacher since 1968.  I have never taught from a book.  I find books to be how to manuals.  Originally I used hand written documents and a mimeograph machine.  You can well imagine how I embraced the computer.  Hopefully you have already read the Home Page and gotten a brief idea of what I mean by teaching "What Not How" mathematics.  Here is another example using absolute value inequalities.  I have enjoyed a good deal of success with all levels of students.  A very common comment I hear from new students is "Why didn't anyone tell us this before?".  I have given a number of very well received workshops with that title.  If you are interested I can e-mail you more materials for any subject from General Mathematics to AP Calculus.  I teach AP Calculus without formulas.  Let me know the subject matter and I will send along what I have.  I hope you will find it interesting.

    I would strongly suggest that you download the free Graph Program available on the resource page.  Here is an example of the rich capabilities of this program.  You can easily paste graphs into Word documents.  This program even graphs relations.  You can type in x2 + y2 = 25 and it will graph it.  I have some expensive programs that will not do that.

    If you are not using Geogebra you are really missing out.  It is a free program and works on both Mac and PC platforms.  It is an excellent program that has changed the way I teach.

     A program I could not live without is MathType.  if you use Word you most likely have Equation Editor.  That program is from Design Science the same company that supplies MathType.  It is well worth the upgrade ($97), it would be nice if you could get your school to buy it or better yet a site license.  If you do not know how to use Equation Editor e-mail me and I will supply you with instructions.

   I have become addicted to the Smart Board.  You can visit smarttech.com and download the free software that includes their excellent Notebook.  If you have it I can send you some really good examples of its potential.  If you have the free software check out this activity for first or second graders.

   All of the above suggestions have links on the Resources page.  The Homework page has examples of the workbooks I supply to my students.  If you would like to contact me, check the Contact Information page.


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